Monday, February 11, 2013

My First Raping Of Matthew...

Hello there, I figured Matthew should not have all the fun of reminacing of our memories together (though they do get me so hot and bothered *wink*) therefore I want to share a few of my favorites with you. I shall kick it off with the first time I ever rape my Husband. It's a pegging he and I will never forget!

One afternoon, I was sitting with at the kitchen table at my parents house with Di. She was reminding me that its been three months since I've had overpowered Matthew and he submitted to me. I was talking about how well it was going and how much we were really fallen in love with Matthew when Di suddenly gave me a suprise. Di takes a box from the bag she had brought and tells me it is my three month anniversary gift. I open it and knew exactly what it was. Sitting before me nestled in tissue paper was a dildo.  It was about eight inches in length. It was attached to a garter like strap. In the back end of it was a rounded knob which for those who don't know makes it very pleasurable to my clitoris.
Me: "Awwww Di that is so sweet....but I already have one".
Di: "No hun! That is one you have used on clients and others for your professional life. This is the first time you be using it in your personal life. More importantly, you and Matt have something special. Very special and I think it's only to get more special therefore you should have a strapon just for the two of you and nobody else."

We talked for a bit and began planning on what is the best way to go about it. We both agreed that even though Matthew was being a wonderful subbie boyfriend, he would struggle with this at first, it was just human nature. He had confessed to me about his exploits with the woman from his work a number of years back along with the few nights he spent with Erin, the girl from his high school. But his ass was still a virgin and I expected that he would fight me on this a bit even deep down, he knew that there was no way he was going to stop me from devirigining his ass or pegging whenever I felt like it. As we talked, I also thought about how eventually Di and I could double team Matthew with our strapons which included letting Di take a spin with him which exicted me but that is a story for another time. :)

Anyway it was his first time so Di suggested he be placed in bondage, to prevent him from hurting himself. I heartily agreed. For it to work, we agree that he should upright, preferably bend over. We discussed it some and came up with a suitable position. We also agreed for that night only, suspending my "red light" policy that if Matthew (or any other submissive I play/use) yells "red" it means they are in real trouble and I need to soften it up. Ultimately, we decided that I should keep the rule in but maybe not stop all the way if he yells it, only take it a bit easier.

That night, Matt came home to my parents who were out of town.. I told him I had a special surprise for him. I instruct him to go into my bedroom and wait for me, without anything on. I found him that way, kneeling like a good little sub therefore I started to undress. He was hard with anticipation. He watched as I brought my rippling limbs out from beneath my clothing, his erection growed harder by the moment. Hell he was a full attention before I even got all my clothes off!

His smile though began to fade as I reached in my draw and pulled out the dildo.

Matt: "What do you ummmmm...plan on doing with that Miss Beth?"
Me: "What do you think dear?"
Matt: "Ummmmm okay Miss Beth. To be honest, that is ummmm making me uneasy."
Me: "Don't you trust me sweetie?"
Matt: "Of course I do Miss Beth, I love and serve only you but I don't know if I am ready for this.
Me: "Your ready for this Matthew. You are ready for it 100 percent. Do you know how I know?"
Matt: "No Miss Beth."
Me: "Because I fucking said so! So be a good little subbie boyfriend and get on the bed so I can do this properly. Don't make me fucking hurt you!"
Matt: "Yes Miss Beth ummmmmm can't we just wait a bit know work up to it perhaps...."

This discussion lasted for a little bit longer and I realized this was the hardest he has fought me about anything since he submitted. I was also immediately pleased that I had decided to do this by his reaction. Just getting him to the point he concedes to the pegging is going to be hot! It should also be noted that his hardon never waivered. Matthew was at full attention the full time so I knew deep down, he was okay with it. Just whatever was left of his male ego was getting in the way which I was fully prepared for.

Me: "Well, that settles it then. Your going to get a bit of lesson tonight on top of being raped".
Matt: "Please Miss Beth, can't we ummmmm talk about it first??!"
Me: "Too late my slave!"

Before he could even speak, I tackled him onto his back as he was on his knees. He squirmed in my grasp but I really had no issues as I dragged him to the bed. He was begging at this point but I was having fucking none of that. Once I got us on top of the bed, I had little trouble as we wrestled on the bed. Matthew for once though was finding hard, and I was unable to control him sufficiently to get a rope and start binding his arms. I had to subdue him further, but I didn't really want to hurt him. Not yet anyway. "Hold still bitch...your only making this worse on you!" I yelled at him. He was kicking and trying to free his arms when his elbow shot up and clipped my on my face. My head shot back and I released my grip on him. It was by far the hardest I ever been hit by him. Then I heard a sweet voice.

Matt: "Oh my God Miss Beth, I did not mean to do that...hear let me take a look."

He began to look over my face and I knew it was an accident. The funny part? I didn't care whether or not he tried to hit me with an elbow or not. I had no rules when it came to us wresting so good for him if he really did try to elbow me. I wasn't even mad and again, kinda of turn on that he was fighting me like this. But I didn't act like I wasn't upset or even turn on. Instead I gave him a look of being pissed off. Totally pissed off!

Matt: "Awwww shit!"
Me: "Awwww shit is right...come back here my bitch!"

He scampered to the floor and started for the door. Matt managed to get through the hallway and was trying to get to his feet when I tackled him in the hallway. I would have gotten him a lot faster but I had grabbed some rope before I went after him.   I felt my cheek begin to swell as he started to kick his feet in an effort to push me off. He was on his back kicking at me when I got to my knees and just grabbed his ankles. He was apologizing like crazy but it made absolutely no difference on what was going to come. I pinned his ankles under my arms and just held them there. He was twisting mightily, but I clamped his ankle bone between my hard biceps and my chest. Matthew was begging me by now but I told him that he needed to be punished whether he liked it or not! I got to my feet, still holding his ankles under my arms,lifting his body off the ground. I held him like that a while, his head against the carpet. He started toweaken and his thrashing became less intense. I abruptly twisted his legs, forcing him to his stomach. Ithen drove down, smashing his feet toward his buttocks. He yelled in pain as his legs bore the full force ofmy assault. I crossed his ankles and bent them into his back. His face was now crushed into the rug. He was using his arms to try and lift himself and me off the ground but it was hopeless. He knew that he would just tire himself out by doing that and even if he did escape, I get him in another hold...only perhaps far more painful. Matthew's body crumpled then as he gave up which put the wickest smile on my face. "That is better dear," I told him. *Note: The pics below aren't the exact hold I put on him but I just wanted to illustrate the pain I was putting him and the pleasure it gave me*

I held him like that for several minutes, driving his head into the carpet, keeping his ankles twisted
between my powerful feminine thighs. I started pushing him forward on the carpet. I was purposefully hurting him at this point because I wanted to make sure he never fought me again when it came to a pegging. I was acting a bit out of anger though it was mostly sexual desire so I was very aroused. He did all he could do with his hands and arms just to minimize his rug burns.
He was completed defeated at this point and just hoping it be over with quickly.

Of course, my superior feminine muscle was just getting started to go along with what I had planned for him. I leaned down and grabbed his both wrists in my hands. I pulled up on his left
wrist, flipping him on his back. I maintained my hold on his right wrist, painfully twisting his arm behind his back. When Matt was on his back, I switched hands and simple straddled him. He was very uncomfortable as our combined weight on top of his twisted arm caused him pain.

Me: "That was quite a struggle Matthew. It is good to see that you feel so strongly about this, but needless to was a wasted fucking effort. Bitch!"

I tugged on his pinned arm some and his fact was twisted in agony.

Me: "Now I am going to roll you back on your stomach and tie you arms securely. I want you to grab your elbows behind you. Please don't make this any more difficult than it all ready is.
Matthew: "Yes Miss Beth...I won't. *nodded his head*
Me: "That's my good boy!"

I rolled Matt back and he stretched and grabbed his elbows. I fastened the short length of rope tightly
around his wrist, then around his upper arms. I tied the ends off and he securely bound. Now, that he was completely helpless I decided to act some revenge on him. I grabbed his nipples and began to torched them by twisting and pulling on them. For those who don't know, Matt has very sensitive nipples. *Evil Smile*

Me: "That is for fucking running away from me!"

I continued to toture his nipples until I felt like he taken enough. Then I needed to get back at him for that elbow. Accident or no accident I was going to have a mark on my face which needed to be avenged for. I smiled at him and then raised my fist up. I didn't put my full force into it but enough I knew business as my right closed fist buried into his jaw! *BAM!*

Me: "That's for the fucking elbow to the face my slave!"

I let him rest for a little while as he got over the blow to the face and nipple torture. Matthew even thank me for them, the sweetie he is! Or he just really knows his place, LOL! I helped him to his knees and ushered Matt back into the bed room.

When he saw the dildo on the bed, I felt Matt cringe. Not wanting him to bolt the room again, I simply pulled him to his feet and let him walk for a second before sticking my ankle out and throwing him over my body so he land on the ground *Wham* (My judo skills always come in handy)

Matthew landed with a thud, with no hands or arms available to break his fall. He just laid there as I gathered the reaming ropes. He was watching me and began to cry.

Me: "Cry all you want my slave. Nothing is going to help you now from me popping that cherry red ass of yours!"
Matt: "Yes Miss Beth. I am trying to be a brave little boy for you."

Matt had tears down his cheeks  when I again helped him up and positioned him at the foot of the bed. With my foot, I guided his legs to spread apart and then quickly fastened each foot to the legs of the bed. I then loosely tied a rope around his neck and pulled the free end to the head board. I worked it through the brass and pulled up, pulling his head forward toward the head board untilhe was bent at the waist. I took out the slack and tied the last knot.

I took my time now as he was in perfect position. He could not see but Matthew was whimpering as I slowly strode behind him, taking the dildo and placing it directly beneath his mouth. I began feeling his buttocks and thighs, anticipating my violation of him. I felt his body stiffen and he quivered. I picked up the dildo and instructed him to take it in his mouth.I wanted him to lubricate it.

Me: "Give it a good blowjob my slave. Your not going to want that to go in dry. It will only hurt ten million times worse!"
Matthew: "Yes Mistress Beth". (I knew at this point he was all on board. Calling me Mistress was just the final seal of approval of any hesitations he might really have).

I pumped his mouth with it and giggled as his head went up and down to the limit of the rope as he gave a blow job to the dildo. He wasn't really getting it at first so I grabbed a hold of his hair and really his head into it. After awhile, he was doing better but I continue to give him a lesson on sucking on a female cock. Eventually, Matthew was doing very well especially for a first time.

Me: "Awwwwwwwwww gee baby, your getting pretty good at this. Some more lessons and maybe I can whore you out to some lonely women forextra cash!"
Matt: "aggegeweggegegeeeheh" (Still to this day have no clue what he said back, *giggles*)

I let Matthew suck on it until I was satisfied. I then removed it and slipped it on. The strap fit snuggly around my shapely midsection. I positioned it such that I felt the knob rub me. It looked huge extending from my slender physique.

I positioned the tip just outside his hole. It was dripping with his saliva.I reached forward, grabbing his tightly bound arms to steady myself.

Me: "I am going to enter you Matthew. Please try to relax and just accept it."
Matt: "Yes Mistress Beth"

He was whimpering as I thrust my hips forward, penetrating my submissive boyfriend's asshole. The dildo was smooth and wet and began to enter. He yelped and stiffened further. I felt his limbs tremble against my bonds. I continued, gradually adding pressure. The reverse end of the dildo was pushing against my pussy and the knob successfully found my clit. I was in rapture as I pushed
harder, extolling.

Me: "Relax Matthew. Your going to make this hurt more. It's not in yet."
Matt: *Nods*

After a moment, my efforts were rewarded as the dildo was inexorably pushed further into my husband. It was the most powerful feeling I ever had. Ever. Yes, I had pegged men before. But this was something completely different. This was a man that I was in love with. He was a man who had submitted to me only three months ago and already, I was taking whatever manhood he had left by violating his ass. And despite his early protest, he really didn't fight me much. It also meant to me at least, there was no going back. Matthew was going to my property forever. And God, did that turn me on!

My muscular legs and gluts drove the dildo further, and my slave boyfriend wailed in pain and total humiliation. I stood straight up, and placed my hands on his hips as I started to fuck him with the dildo. Each stroke further rubbing the knob against my engorged clit. And the combination of all that was happening made me cum in a powerful orgasm, waves of cascading pleasure that nearly rendered me unconscious.

I was furiously pumping him now, standing erect, throwing back my hair, racing toward a second orgasm. Matthew was just grunting with each thrust, but there was little else he could do. He was that sufficiently bonded that he had no ability to move or protest. I drove that dildo until I was sure it could go no further. He was panting almost, as his cock grew to its full length. I came again and was sufficiently winded that I needed to slow down my movements. My head was spinning and my pussy was soaked with sex juice.

I leaned on Matthew's back and arms and began taking slow long thrusts with the dildo. In and out, I felt it pull at his inner asshole. The resistance was much lower and I felt the shaft moving smoothly within him now. I caught a glimpse of his face, and sure enough, that sick subbie little fuck had that pre-orgasmic look on his face that I came to know already.

Me: "Come on you fucking slut", I told him as I thrusted. "Take it. Take it until it makes you fucking cum. You can't stop it, you might as well enjoy it! Where's all that hot juice of yours?
Matthew's was panting like a dog now. I saw droll drip from his suspended head as I continued my violation. After a few moments, I thrusted even harder, pinning the tip of the dildo against his prostate. He actually came at that moment, shooting himself in the face with his own cum! Matt lifted his head but I just forced it down.

Me: "Watch yourself cum slave. I want you to see what a slut you are fucking really are!"

After several impressive bursts, he was finished and I withdrew the dildo. I quickly untied him and put him on his back. I then put the dildo right up against his face again as I sat on his chest, my legs around his body.

Me: "Now lick it clean my slave. I can't put it away dirty. Besides you are the one that made the fucking mess!"

I slammed into his mouth this time without letting him work in it at all and was nearly skull fucking him while pulling on his hair.

His head bobbed up and down and tears again formed in his eyes as he suffered this ultimate humiliation to my delight. Matthew did a even better job sucking on it then he did the first time which pleased me. When he suck on it to my satisfaction, I removed it from his mouth and placed it on the nightstand. We then laid in bed together, my arms wrapped around him softly.

I truly felt blessed, having such a loving submissive boyfriend yet who could withstand such a violent, painful and humiliating act. We discussed it and while he said it was going to take a long time for him to truly enjoy getting fuck like that, he understood that how's going to be from time to time therefore he was never going to fight me on it ever again. I fell asleep thinking about how his training was coming along so fast and beautifully.

Since then, Matthew has gotten a love/hate relationship with being pegged by me (his words), not mine though I thing he more loves then hates it now.

I also notice a slight smile come over his face whenever I pulled it out which happens pretty regularly now and no longer even bats an eye to it:

His training at that point was pretty much complete between him and I. I pretty had him broken in right. Eventually, it was going to be time to bring Di into the fun which I had mentioned earlier......but again that is a story for another day! *smiles*


  1. A very exciting event. I am, however, struck by the parallels with a similar rape i had read many years ago on the Diana the Valkyrie site written by a certain "Karen Young":
    Dominating my husband. Chapter 6. My husbands suffers his first rape. (14/Sep/98)
    The woman in that case was very strong and into weight training as is Miss Beth. The husband was no match, physically for his wife and resisted. The sequence of events were almost identical to the sequence described here by Miss Beth. Also, some of the language. Is this the way it always happens when the guy has never been raped and the Woman happens to be very strong and powerful?

    BTW: Both reads were very exciting for me

    1. Those bitches i rape my wife everyday who is a bodybuilder she fears me and i humiliate the bitch in public

  2. That Cover Pic as You call it is absolutely awesome and really shows the disparity in power between a Wife and a husband. The account of the rape was wonderful and the pictures were out of this world. Thank You Ma'am and Matt.

  3. One question if you will indulge me. Mr. Beth states on one of the posts that he weighs 185 which is not a small man. I wonder how his height and weight compare to that of Miss Beth. I have always been a fancier of Amazons and have occasionally have had the good fortune to be given to 200+ lb Women for their amusement. I am curious about Miss Beth.

  4. Somewhere way back, I seem to remember your day job is a writer of some sort. I would guess that if you are good enough to make your living as a writer, you do not need to plagiarize. I have reread your account and the DTV account several times. I really think you could have done better in hiding the obvious.

  5. It's obvious this isn't real, as others have pointed out this work is plagiarized. Added to the poor spelling, grammar, writing and the use of nothing but stock photos and we have a picture of an entirely fabricated lifestyle.

    Stories are fun. There's no need to hide the fact something is fiction (though you shouldn't steal).

  6. Love it.
    I could nt read it wihout at least comming twice.

  7. Love it.
    I could nt read it wihout at least comming twice.

  8. this is pretty phony and frankly I have seen every word in different places before - I think this is a wannabee

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