Monday, February 11, 2013

My First Raping Of Matthew...

Hello there, I figured Matthew should not have all the fun of reminacing of our memories together (though they do get me so hot and bothered *wink*) therefore I want to share a few of my favorites with you. I shall kick it off with the first time I ever rape my Husband. It's a pegging he and I will never forget!

One afternoon, I was sitting with at the kitchen table at my parents house with Di. She was reminding me that its been three months since I've had overpowered Matthew and he submitted to me. I was talking about how well it was going and how much we were really fallen in love with Matthew when Di suddenly gave me a suprise. Di takes a box from the bag she had brought and tells me it is my three month anniversary gift. I open it and knew exactly what it was. Sitting before me nestled in tissue paper was a dildo.  It was about eight inches in length. It was attached to a garter like strap. In the back end of it was a rounded knob which for those who don't know makes it very pleasurable to my clitoris.
Me: "Awwww Di that is so sweet....but I already have one".
Di: "No hun! That is one you have used on clients and others for your professional life. This is the first time you be using it in your personal life. More importantly, you and Matt have something special. Very special and I think it's only to get more special therefore you should have a strapon just for the two of you and nobody else."

We talked for a bit and began planning on what is the best way to go about it. We both agreed that even though Matthew was being a wonderful subbie boyfriend, he would struggle with this at first, it was just human nature. He had confessed to me about his exploits with the woman from his work a number of years back along with the few nights he spent with Erin, the girl from his high school. But his ass was still a virgin and I expected that he would fight me on this a bit even deep down, he knew that there was no way he was going to stop me from devirigining his ass or pegging whenever I felt like it. As we talked, I also thought about how eventually Di and I could double team Matthew with our strapons which included letting Di take a spin with him which exicted me but that is a story for another time. :)

Anyway it was his first time so Di suggested he be placed in bondage, to prevent him from hurting himself. I heartily agreed. For it to work, we agree that he should upright, preferably bend over. We discussed it some and came up with a suitable position. We also agreed for that night only, suspending my "red light" policy that if Matthew (or any other submissive I play/use) yells "red" it means they are in real trouble and I need to soften it up. Ultimately, we decided that I should keep the rule in but maybe not stop all the way if he yells it, only take it a bit easier.

That night, Matt came home to my parents who were out of town.. I told him I had a special surprise for him. I instruct him to go into my bedroom and wait for me, without anything on. I found him that way, kneeling like a good little sub therefore I started to undress. He was hard with anticipation. He watched as I brought my rippling limbs out from beneath my clothing, his erection growed harder by the moment. Hell he was a full attention before I even got all my clothes off!

His smile though began to fade as I reached in my draw and pulled out the dildo.

Matt: "What do you ummmmm...plan on doing with that Miss Beth?"
Me: "What do you think dear?"
Matt: "Ummmmm okay Miss Beth. To be honest, that is ummmm making me uneasy."
Me: "Don't you trust me sweetie?"
Matt: "Of course I do Miss Beth, I love and serve only you but I don't know if I am ready for this.
Me: "Your ready for this Matthew. You are ready for it 100 percent. Do you know how I know?"
Matt: "No Miss Beth."
Me: "Because I fucking said so! So be a good little subbie boyfriend and get on the bed so I can do this properly. Don't make me fucking hurt you!"
Matt: "Yes Miss Beth ummmmmm can't we just wait a bit know work up to it perhaps...."

This discussion lasted for a little bit longer and I realized this was the hardest he has fought me about anything since he submitted. I was also immediately pleased that I had decided to do this by his reaction. Just getting him to the point he concedes to the pegging is going to be hot! It should also be noted that his hardon never waivered. Matthew was at full attention the full time so I knew deep down, he was okay with it. Just whatever was left of his male ego was getting in the way which I was fully prepared for.

Me: "Well, that settles it then. Your going to get a bit of lesson tonight on top of being raped".
Matt: "Please Miss Beth, can't we ummmmm talk about it first??!"
Me: "Too late my slave!"

Before he could even speak, I tackled him onto his back as he was on his knees. He squirmed in my grasp but I really had no issues as I dragged him to the bed. He was begging at this point but I was having fucking none of that. Once I got us on top of the bed, I had little trouble as we wrestled on the bed. Matthew for once though was finding hard, and I was unable to control him sufficiently to get a rope and start binding his arms. I had to subdue him further, but I didn't really want to hurt him. Not yet anyway. "Hold still bitch...your only making this worse on you!" I yelled at him. He was kicking and trying to free his arms when his elbow shot up and clipped my on my face. My head shot back and I released my grip on him. It was by far the hardest I ever been hit by him. Then I heard a sweet voice.

Matt: "Oh my God Miss Beth, I did not mean to do that...hear let me take a look."

He began to look over my face and I knew it was an accident. The funny part? I didn't care whether or not he tried to hit me with an elbow or not. I had no rules when it came to us wresting so good for him if he really did try to elbow me. I wasn't even mad and again, kinda of turn on that he was fighting me like this. But I didn't act like I wasn't upset or even turn on. Instead I gave him a look of being pissed off. Totally pissed off!

Matt: "Awwww shit!"
Me: "Awwww shit is right...come back here my bitch!"

He scampered to the floor and started for the door. Matt managed to get through the hallway and was trying to get to his feet when I tackled him in the hallway. I would have gotten him a lot faster but I had grabbed some rope before I went after him.   I felt my cheek begin to swell as he started to kick his feet in an effort to push me off. He was on his back kicking at me when I got to my knees and just grabbed his ankles. He was apologizing like crazy but it made absolutely no difference on what was going to come. I pinned his ankles under my arms and just held them there. He was twisting mightily, but I clamped his ankle bone between my hard biceps and my chest. Matthew was begging me by now but I told him that he needed to be punished whether he liked it or not! I got to my feet, still holding his ankles under my arms,lifting his body off the ground. I held him like that a while, his head against the carpet. He started toweaken and his thrashing became less intense. I abruptly twisted his legs, forcing him to his stomach. Ithen drove down, smashing his feet toward his buttocks. He yelled in pain as his legs bore the full force ofmy assault. I crossed his ankles and bent them into his back. His face was now crushed into the rug. He was using his arms to try and lift himself and me off the ground but it was hopeless. He knew that he would just tire himself out by doing that and even if he did escape, I get him in another hold...only perhaps far more painful. Matthew's body crumpled then as he gave up which put the wickest smile on my face. "That is better dear," I told him. *Note: The pics below aren't the exact hold I put on him but I just wanted to illustrate the pain I was putting him and the pleasure it gave me*

I held him like that for several minutes, driving his head into the carpet, keeping his ankles twisted
between my powerful feminine thighs. I started pushing him forward on the carpet. I was purposefully hurting him at this point because I wanted to make sure he never fought me again when it came to a pegging. I was acting a bit out of anger though it was mostly sexual desire so I was very aroused. He did all he could do with his hands and arms just to minimize his rug burns.
He was completed defeated at this point and just hoping it be over with quickly.

Of course, my superior feminine muscle was just getting started to go along with what I had planned for him. I leaned down and grabbed his both wrists in my hands. I pulled up on his left
wrist, flipping him on his back. I maintained my hold on his right wrist, painfully twisting his arm behind his back. When Matt was on his back, I switched hands and simple straddled him. He was very uncomfortable as our combined weight on top of his twisted arm caused him pain.

Me: "That was quite a struggle Matthew. It is good to see that you feel so strongly about this, but needless to was a wasted fucking effort. Bitch!"

I tugged on his pinned arm some and his fact was twisted in agony.

Me: "Now I am going to roll you back on your stomach and tie you arms securely. I want you to grab your elbows behind you. Please don't make this any more difficult than it all ready is.
Matthew: "Yes Miss Beth...I won't. *nodded his head*
Me: "That's my good boy!"

I rolled Matt back and he stretched and grabbed his elbows. I fastened the short length of rope tightly
around his wrist, then around his upper arms. I tied the ends off and he securely bound. Now, that he was completely helpless I decided to act some revenge on him. I grabbed his nipples and began to torched them by twisting and pulling on them. For those who don't know, Matt has very sensitive nipples. *Evil Smile*

Me: "That is for fucking running away from me!"

I continued to toture his nipples until I felt like he taken enough. Then I needed to get back at him for that elbow. Accident or no accident I was going to have a mark on my face which needed to be avenged for. I smiled at him and then raised my fist up. I didn't put my full force into it but enough I knew business as my right closed fist buried into his jaw! *BAM!*

Me: "That's for the fucking elbow to the face my slave!"

I let him rest for a little while as he got over the blow to the face and nipple torture. Matthew even thank me for them, the sweetie he is! Or he just really knows his place, LOL! I helped him to his knees and ushered Matt back into the bed room.

When he saw the dildo on the bed, I felt Matt cringe. Not wanting him to bolt the room again, I simply pulled him to his feet and let him walk for a second before sticking my ankle out and throwing him over my body so he land on the ground *Wham* (My judo skills always come in handy)

Matthew landed with a thud, with no hands or arms available to break his fall. He just laid there as I gathered the reaming ropes. He was watching me and began to cry.

Me: "Cry all you want my slave. Nothing is going to help you now from me popping that cherry red ass of yours!"
Matt: "Yes Miss Beth. I am trying to be a brave little boy for you."

Matt had tears down his cheeks  when I again helped him up and positioned him at the foot of the bed. With my foot, I guided his legs to spread apart and then quickly fastened each foot to the legs of the bed. I then loosely tied a rope around his neck and pulled the free end to the head board. I worked it through the brass and pulled up, pulling his head forward toward the head board untilhe was bent at the waist. I took out the slack and tied the last knot.

I took my time now as he was in perfect position. He could not see but Matthew was whimpering as I slowly strode behind him, taking the dildo and placing it directly beneath his mouth. I began feeling his buttocks and thighs, anticipating my violation of him. I felt his body stiffen and he quivered. I picked up the dildo and instructed him to take it in his mouth.I wanted him to lubricate it.

Me: "Give it a good blowjob my slave. Your not going to want that to go in dry. It will only hurt ten million times worse!"
Matthew: "Yes Mistress Beth". (I knew at this point he was all on board. Calling me Mistress was just the final seal of approval of any hesitations he might really have).

I pumped his mouth with it and giggled as his head went up and down to the limit of the rope as he gave a blow job to the dildo. He wasn't really getting it at first so I grabbed a hold of his hair and really his head into it. After awhile, he was doing better but I continue to give him a lesson on sucking on a female cock. Eventually, Matthew was doing very well especially for a first time.

Me: "Awwwwwwwwww gee baby, your getting pretty good at this. Some more lessons and maybe I can whore you out to some lonely women forextra cash!"
Matt: "aggegeweggegegeeeheh" (Still to this day have no clue what he said back, *giggles*)

I let Matthew suck on it until I was satisfied. I then removed it and slipped it on. The strap fit snuggly around my shapely midsection. I positioned it such that I felt the knob rub me. It looked huge extending from my slender physique.

I positioned the tip just outside his hole. It was dripping with his saliva.I reached forward, grabbing his tightly bound arms to steady myself.

Me: "I am going to enter you Matthew. Please try to relax and just accept it."
Matt: "Yes Mistress Beth"

He was whimpering as I thrust my hips forward, penetrating my submissive boyfriend's asshole. The dildo was smooth and wet and began to enter. He yelped and stiffened further. I felt his limbs tremble against my bonds. I continued, gradually adding pressure. The reverse end of the dildo was pushing against my pussy and the knob successfully found my clit. I was in rapture as I pushed
harder, extolling.

Me: "Relax Matthew. Your going to make this hurt more. It's not in yet."
Matt: *Nods*

After a moment, my efforts were rewarded as the dildo was inexorably pushed further into my husband. It was the most powerful feeling I ever had. Ever. Yes, I had pegged men before. But this was something completely different. This was a man that I was in love with. He was a man who had submitted to me only three months ago and already, I was taking whatever manhood he had left by violating his ass. And despite his early protest, he really didn't fight me much. It also meant to me at least, there was no going back. Matthew was going to my property forever. And God, did that turn me on!

My muscular legs and gluts drove the dildo further, and my slave boyfriend wailed in pain and total humiliation. I stood straight up, and placed my hands on his hips as I started to fuck him with the dildo. Each stroke further rubbing the knob against my engorged clit. And the combination of all that was happening made me cum in a powerful orgasm, waves of cascading pleasure that nearly rendered me unconscious.

I was furiously pumping him now, standing erect, throwing back my hair, racing toward a second orgasm. Matthew was just grunting with each thrust, but there was little else he could do. He was that sufficiently bonded that he had no ability to move or protest. I drove that dildo until I was sure it could go no further. He was panting almost, as his cock grew to its full length. I came again and was sufficiently winded that I needed to slow down my movements. My head was spinning and my pussy was soaked with sex juice.

I leaned on Matthew's back and arms and began taking slow long thrusts with the dildo. In and out, I felt it pull at his inner asshole. The resistance was much lower and I felt the shaft moving smoothly within him now. I caught a glimpse of his face, and sure enough, that sick subbie little fuck had that pre-orgasmic look on his face that I came to know already.

Me: "Come on you fucking slut", I told him as I thrusted. "Take it. Take it until it makes you fucking cum. You can't stop it, you might as well enjoy it! Where's all that hot juice of yours?
Matthew's was panting like a dog now. I saw droll drip from his suspended head as I continued my violation. After a few moments, I thrusted even harder, pinning the tip of the dildo against his prostate. He actually came at that moment, shooting himself in the face with his own cum! Matt lifted his head but I just forced it down.

Me: "Watch yourself cum slave. I want you to see what a slut you are fucking really are!"

After several impressive bursts, he was finished and I withdrew the dildo. I quickly untied him and put him on his back. I then put the dildo right up against his face again as I sat on his chest, my legs around his body.

Me: "Now lick it clean my slave. I can't put it away dirty. Besides you are the one that made the fucking mess!"

I slammed into his mouth this time without letting him work in it at all and was nearly skull fucking him while pulling on his hair.

His head bobbed up and down and tears again formed in his eyes as he suffered this ultimate humiliation to my delight. Matthew did a even better job sucking on it then he did the first time which pleased me. When he suck on it to my satisfaction, I removed it from his mouth and placed it on the nightstand. We then laid in bed together, my arms wrapped around him softly.

I truly felt blessed, having such a loving submissive boyfriend yet who could withstand such a violent, painful and humiliating act. We discussed it and while he said it was going to take a long time for him to truly enjoy getting fuck like that, he understood that how's going to be from time to time therefore he was never going to fight me on it ever again. I fell asleep thinking about how his training was coming along so fast and beautifully.

Since then, Matthew has gotten a love/hate relationship with being pegged by me (his words), not mine though I thing he more loves then hates it now.

I also notice a slight smile come over his face whenever I pulled it out which happens pretty regularly now and no longer even bats an eye to it:

His training at that point was pretty much complete between him and I. I pretty had him broken in right. Eventually, it was going to be time to bring Di into the fun which I had mentioned earlier......but again that is a story for another day! *smiles*

Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Fifth Date: My Submission To Miss Beth

Well I think it’s safe to say that this is the post which most of you were waiting on. As promised in my last post, this is the one on our fifth date which is where I submitted myself to Miss Beth. I must confess that I been both very excited and yet nervous to write it. The reason being is that I want to give it justice. It truly was the defining moment of our lives since it set us on the course we are now on and if I could be so bold, has already brought us more happiness and harmony then we could ever imagined.  So I hope you enjoy and even though I have very strong doubts I can ever live up to your expectations on it or come even close to truly describing how awesome and beautiful it was, here we go! (Again as a friendly reminder, not all conversations are exact. I tried to piece together what each of us remembered to the best of their ability to build a dialogue that I could.)

Obviously after our fourth date, something had changed. We both knew it though speaking for myself, I didn’t know what to make it of it especially the laundry room incident and what happened at the end of our date. I was hopeful that Miss Beth was the Woman I been searching so hard for but I was worried. I worried that She just might be just a strong willed Woman which would be great in itself but I wanted more. So much more. And I also wanted to tell Miss Beth everything. Tell Her I been in love with Her since Day 1, tell Her that I want Her to own me, to control me, to make me 100 percent Hers forever. All these thoughts played in my head over the next few days. Like I said in the previous post, Miss Beth told me on Wednesday night of that week that She wished to go dancing on Friday night but wanted to come over first to hangout and "talk about a few things". As Friday came closer, I tried to distract myself the past way possible. I threw myself into work:

I worked way too much that week staying past 8 PM almost every night at the office and when I did leave, I went to the gym (when Miss Beth wasn't working). I just wanted to distract myself and get my mind off Miss Beth. But I couldn't and more importantly, I did not want too. By the time Friday rolled around, I was so exhausted emotionally that I could not even come up with a plan. I just decided I would wing it and hope Miss Beth would lead the conversation in whatever direction She planned and afterwards, we go out to the club. Miss Beth as always though had a plan already thought out and was a million times ahead of me. Then again, She was completely calm that whole week:

Miss Beth: "I knew what I wanted so to me, the deal was already done. Matthew was mine. The only question was how I was going to let it out. I did not want to scare off since I didn't know if he was submissive if at that point. Di and I had talked a few times already about we saw submissive tendencies in him so I wasn't worried about training him if that what it took. My only slight concern is that if he wasn't submissive, he be a bit anixious at first which meant more work for me. I had zero doubts that he be a submissive boyfriend in the long run. Once I put my foot down, there is no stopping me. I remember that whole week I was walking on air. I took the time to relish too as I took long walks and even spent a bit of time at a spa relaxing. I also did not tell anyone of my plans, not even that I thought Matt & I were going to be a item. Except Di of course. And that did not happen to that Friday afternoon when we meet up for lunch. I even waited to the end of lunch to even discuss Matt let alone, what my plans were for later that evening".  
Miss Diana: "So are you going to tell me what is going on with Matt. You been mum on the subject since we got here."
Miss Beth: "There isn't much to say, were just dating and getting to know each other. It's not serious".
Miss Diana: "Why the hell not?"
Miss Beth: "Because it just isn't".
Miss Diana: "You told me you like him several times now B. Did something happen to change that?"
Miss Beth: "No quite the opposite actually. Every time I see him or even talk with him, I like him even more.
Miss Diana: "So you like him a lot?"
Miss Beth: "Yes".
Miss Diana: "Well obviously he likes you a lot and has for a long time".
Miss Beth: "I know. He told me in the laundry room of the condo he lives in".
Miss Diana: "Really! About time he did. How you react?"
Miss Beth: "Threw him on top of the dryer and was going to fuck him into it".
Miss Diana: "Oh my God, B! Why didn't you tell me that before now". *Throws Her napkin at Miss Beth in a joking manner*
Miss Beth: *Smiles* "There was nothing to tell Di. It didn't end on a particularly high note".
Miss Diana: "What? Was he no good?"
Miss Beth: "Don't know. We never got to finish. Some old lady walk in".
Miss Diana: "Ewww, he lives with an old lady!"
Miss Beth: "Oh god no! No, he lives in a condo complex where there is a whole laundry room on each floor".
Miss Diana: "You were going to have sex with him in public with Matt on top of the dryer and you riding him?"
Miss Beth: "Yep."
Miss Diana: "Wow, you must be in love with him."
Miss Beth: "Oh stop it Di!"
Miss Diana: "You stop it. Your telling me you just like this guy when you were ready to fuck him in public while your last boyfriend you are hardly touch half the time. And in case you wondering, yes I have noticed how your eyes lights up whenever he is brought up and the fact you are trying to act so coy right now. That is your telltale sign that you like someone. And the fact you been so coy about him since day one and only gotten more coy only makes me think you really are in love with him".
Miss Beth: "I did say I am liking him more and more".
Miss Diana: "Come on B, you can tell me. Are you in love with this guy?"
Miss Beth: "I guess you were going have to wait and see like everyone else. Were actually going out tonight dancing so who knows what will come out of it. Here that us take care of the bill and get going. I need to head back to work."

And with that, Miss Beth reached into Her purse to grab Her wallet. As She did so, She put an item on the table. The item? The roll of duct tape from the trainer's office that began their discussion about me all those months ago. She then smile at Miss Diana when She put it on the table:
Miss Diana: "You lying bitch B! You are in love with him!"
Miss Beth: "Yes I am".
Miss Diana: "Wow! I am so happy for you! I knew it! I just knew it!! God, B. Poor Matthew is never going to know what hit him".
Miss Beth: "Well, I am going to break to him slowly. Let him chew on it for awhile. Like we said, there is a lot of  potential in there but I don't truly know if he is a submissive or not. And I am going to wait on telling Matthew that I love him. I won't until he has submitted fully and is 100 percent mine.
Miss Diana: "Well if his mouth is duct tape shut, he cannot say it back so perhaps wait until after your done tying him up to tell him!"

With that Miss Di and My Wife finish their lunch and soon night time comes. Miss Beth had told me She be at my place at 6:40 pm. And sure enough, Miss Beth came to my door at that exactly that time. I had given Miss Beth the buzzer code on the door in the lobby so I did not even know She was at my place until She knock on my door. This is something She had requested on our last night, the code to my condo complex. Again, another sign of Her complete dominance over me already. I didn't even object to Her requests, just followed them like orders. I check myself one last time and the place which I spent the entire afternoon cleaning/prepping to make sure nothing was out of place. As I opened the door, I didn't know what to expect. Would we start off right where we left off, tongues down each other throats and grabbing each other crotches. Or would we just give a simple kiss hello and that be it? As I opened the door, I realized Miss Beth already knew what She wanted. She gave me a big kiss hello but no touchy grabbing.

Miss Beth: "Hi Matt. Did you miss me?"

Me: "Always."
Miss Beth: "Good."
As She walked in and make sure I could notice Her outfit. She was wearing a short black dress. A really short black dress. And I mean really short, I mean really short. My eyes must have bugged out of my skull at this point. I could not believe how hot She looked in it. She also walk around the room a bit to make sure I took notice. It was impossible not too. It reminded me of a dress Jen Broomfield, a former boybuilder wore back in the early 2000's in a shoot but Miss Beth looked so much better to me in it even though Jen Broomfield was amazing looking!
At this point, I was ready to just explode and felt like She was just toying with me. But Her toying with me had just begun. I asked if She wanted a drink which She did. I pour us two glasses of white wine and handed Her to it as Miss Beth set down. For some reason, I sat down on other couch. I don't know why I did. Perhaps, I didn't want to rush things. Or perhaps I just wanted to just get a better view of Her in that dress. Or perhaps, just perhaps I was already acting submissively. See, I didn't get permission yet to sit next to Her nor had Miss Beth asked me. These thoughts were not in my mind at the time but looking back, I think deep down I knew I could not sit next to Her without permission. 

From that point on, Miss Beth began to play with me. And She knew it too:

Miss Beth: "It was time to lay the hammer down on him and begin to reveal myself to him. For the most part, I was going to do it slowly and gently since I didn't want to scare him too much but I also wanted him to squirm just a bit. And like I have said before, he is so cute when he squirms". *smiles*

And with that, it all started with a simple question. She went and sat down for a bit and we chatted again. Then Miss Beth laid the boom on me:

Miss Beth: "So you really like the dress?"
Me: "Yes I do. You look gorgeous in it!"
Miss Beth: "Thanks babe. How much would you pay to see what it is underneath it?"
Me: "Wait..what?"
Miss Beth: "You heard me dear. How much you pay to see me without this dress on?"
Me: *takes a big gulp* "Well to quote the late great Johnny Carson, I give about a year's salary to see what is underneath that dress!"
Miss Beth: *Giggles* "Now that is very sweet....and funny. Is it true though?"
Me: "Pretty much."
Miss Beth: "A year salary huh? That impressive since make a nice living. Wow. That is a lot more then the first time a guy paid me to see me naked."
Me: *kinda chokes on me drink in suprise* "Your joking right? "
Miss Beth: "Of course not Matthew. Many guys and even some women have begged me to pose naked for them in exchange for money. Not too sound too conceded but my body is pretty damn rocking if I say so myself."
Me: "No doubt about that Beth. How old where you when you were first asked to pose naked for money."
Miss Beth: *Takes a swig of Her drink* "Seventeen."
Me: "!?!?!"
Miss Beth: "Yes you heard me right."
Me: "Wow. Where you even out of high school?"
Miss Beth: "Nope."
Me: "Who...I mean may I ask who it was Beth?"
Miss Beth: "Depends. How much you willing to pay me squirt?"
Me: "I don't know. Hopefully less then a year's salary!"
Miss Beth: *laughs* "There might not be much in your bank account if I keep this up. But this I will give up for free. You know Scott, the old manager of the gymnastics program at the (blank) park district?
Me: *thinks for a moment* "Yeah, yeah actually I do. He was a big time gymnastics star when I was in high school though he was a bit older then me. He ask you to pose naked for him and you did?
Miss Beth: "No. I proposed it to him."
Me: "Huh!??!"
Miss Beth: "Yeah, I asked him about it".
Me: "Why!??!?"
Miss Beth: "To fuck with him since he kept asking me out like the little pathetic pervert he was".
Me: "What did he say to that?"
Miss Beth:
"Took a little while to find his tongue but he agreed".
Me: "Where did this take place?"
Miss Beth: "At the Park District Men's Locker Room. I set it up so it was just after it closed and nobody would be in the showers to clean for awhile. I took a shower for him so he can drool a bit more as well."
Me: "I will never see those showers in the same light again".
Miss Beth: *Laughing* "You crack me up Matthew, you really do."
Me: "So how much did you charge him?"
Miss Beth: "Fifty bucks but then while we were in the middle of it, I said he could jerkoff in front of me for another fifty. He immediately cough it up.
Me: "Hundred bucks for a shower peep show. Nicely done. Did you ever touch him?"
Miss Beth: "Nope. And I got to look at his better then expected cock as he did. I did kick him to the  ground after he came to make sure he knew not to tell anyone or I threatened to beat his ass".
Me: "Did he listen?"
Miss Beth: "Yes, he obeyed very well. Wound up giving him twice more shows at a hundred bucks each. Wound up making three hundred dollars for taking my clothes off three times and showering a bit".
Me: "That is incredible rate of return for work Beth".
Miss Beth: "Yes...thank you. *Sips Her drink* "But I got much better at it after that".
Me: "What do you mean?"

And with that, Miss Beth inform me about how has used men for whatever She wanted since that day: Homework Slaves, Houseslaves, Sugar Daddies, Errand Boys, Gentleman Callers, etc. My Wife it must be noted though at this time did not tell me about Her time as a Professional Dominatrix. She talked strictly about Her personal live at this time, not professional. I listened and nodded trying to act but in deep down, I was in total shock and awe. My head was just spinning from the whole Locker Room Naked Show and then She goes into Her exploits of men. After She went through a lot of it, I finally asked a simple question:

Me: "So ummmm....did you Alex your ex- in the same fashion?"
Miss Beth: "Alex? Oh God no...and looking back, that was the problem."
Me: "Is that why you knock his fucking ass out?" *Smiles*
Miss Beth: "No. That was for grabbing my boobs in public without permission."
Me: "Stern consequences..."
Miss Beth: "That was just a love tap really."
Me: "Well...then what was the problem with Alex then?"
Miss Beth: "Besides I wasn't in love with him?"
Me: "I didn't think of that but  yeah besides that!"
Miss Beth: "I wasn't myself with him. Not at all when I think back on it."
Me: "How do you mean?"
Miss Beth: "I wasn't assertive and I wasn't getting what I needed and wanted from him but I stayed with him because I was acting stupid."
Me: "Is that why you broke up with him?"
Miss Beth: "Yes. I am looking for something else when it comes to a relationship. Something very different then what I had with Alex or any guy for that matter".

At this point, I knew what I wanted. I wanted to finally speak with Her about a FLR. I couldn't take it any longer. I was really hoping for Miss Beth to bring it up but I cracked. I just had too. I decided to use some humor about it so I could go about in a light hearted way in case that was not Her intention:

Me: "What do you mean by a different type of relationship? One where you wear the pants?" *winks*
Miss Beth: "Oh you can say that." *Smiles*
Me: "I am saying that what you want?"
Miss Beth: "Yes Matthew I do. And I want to be honest with you always. Even if it makes you uncomfortable okay?"
Me: "Yeah sure Beth, tell me whatever is on your mind."
Miss Beth: "Well we been seeing each other for sometime now and spending a lot of time together. And frankly, I been suprised."
Me: "By what?"
Miss Beth: "With you. I have been extremely hard to get and quite frankly, I threw a whole shitload of tests at you. And in full disclosure, I been bitchy towards you at times on purpose."
Me: "Oh...well if it was a test, how did I do?"
Miss Beth: "Honestly?"
Me: "Well yeah, I thought that was we were going for!"
Miss Beth: *Laughs* "Very true. In that case, you have absolutely aced everything I thrown at you."
Me: "Really?"
Miss Beth: "Yes Matthew. It's been absolutely amazing at how well you have done with everything I have thrown at you. I am going to admit something I have not yet but I think it's time I have. Remember the first time we meet?"
Me: "Yes of course. At the gym while I was on the cross-trainer. I even remember what you were wearing."
Miss Beth: "Focus Matthew."
Me: "Sorry".
Miss Beth: "It's okay and the fact you were so entuned to detail with me that you were remember what I wore the first time we meet turns me on. And that is what I wanted to say. I am attracted to you Matthew. Very fucking attracted you. I been since the first time we meant. And since that time something else that has happened."
Me: "What is that?"
Miss Beth: "I have fallen for you hard Matt and it's been the surpise of my life. I did not think I gain such strong feelings for a guy in this way so soon after Alex. I was really had decided I was going to to take some significant time from dating so I can focus on what I was really looking for. But then you came around and have caused my whole plan to go out the window".
Woman talking man listening

Me: "Well, I have fallen..."
Miss Beth: "Hold on Matthew, I am not finished."
Me: "Sorry."
Miss Beth: "That is okay. But yes Matthew, I am completely smitten with you and wanted you in the worst possible way. And I am a woman who gets what she wants wouldn't you say?"
Me: "You have the strongest will of any woman I ever meant."
Miss Beth: *Smiles*. "Again, you just seem to suprise me in any way possible. And with that in mind, I have a few surpies left to share with you."
Me: "In this in regards to a possible relationship between us?"
Miss Beth: "Yes."
Me: "Oh. Well, I am definitely want to know your thoughts on that."
Miss Beth: "I knew you would."
Me: "I understand. I take it you wish to discuss what you want out of a possible relationship."
Miss Beth *Sips her drinks and smiles* "Oh Matthew, you really are in quite a shock but we must go over this first before we talk about a possible relationship. Understand?"
Me: "Yes."
Miss Beth: "And just so you know, I decided that I will talk about this before I date any guy after Alex so don't feel like you are being signaled out."
Me: "I won't".
Miss Beth: "Good. Now, before we start...I have to use your bathroom. This might take awhile to explain since I want to be a open book with you obviously, get your thoughts as well."
Me: "Haha, its okay bathroom is down the hall and to the left you don't remember."
Miss Beth: "I do, wait here for me."
Me: "I will".
Miss Beth: "You better" *winks and walks to the bathroom*

At this point only one thought went through my mind: Pure Panic!

I was so exicted and nervous at the same time. Could this Woman who I was in love with from the very first sight be that dominant Woman I been searching for? There had been so many clues along the way. All Her rules, and tests had given me hope especially since She seemed to be controlling our relationship from the moment go. But something was happening totally beyond that. Miss Beth had finally opened up about how She had used men and talked about  "Wearing The Pants" when it came to men. And what had She decided after Alex. Had She come to the same conclusion I had about wanting to be in a relationship where the Woman dominates? Or was She just fucking with me or had I read Her all wrong and just wanted a more balanced vanilla relationship??? All this banged around in my head in only a few short moments as She went to the bathroom. She stated we had a lot to talk about and I was so curious to see what that was. But then another thought enter my mind...and one that would change my life. I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't be in the presence of this Superior Woman who I loved arleady so much it hurt without letting Her I wanted to take over and be in a FLR. I then had a crazy, go for broke thought...and decided to go for it even though I knew it meant the risk of Her running out of the condo laughing and scared out of Her whits. I decided to strip my clothes...all of them!

And not only did I decide to stripe my clothes, I decide that I be waiting for Her naked....and kneeling. My old condo had a long hallway that lead to the bedrooms and bathrooms. I positioned myself right at the end of the hallway. I knelt down butt naked right after She would return to the living room so the first She saw was my naked body kneeling before Her on all fours. I put my head down and close my eyes. It seemed like She was gone for an eternity.

Miss Beth: "I did actually have to go to the bathroom but I also got up to freshen my makeup and go over any possible objections he might have and make sure I hit all the points I want too. I also was very exicted. I had laid down a couple hints and he didn't flitch. I was very hopeful that I could eventually convinced him to submit to me in a FLR. Little did I know that around the corner, awaited the biggest shock of my life...and the best."

Eventually, I could Her body come down the hallway. I put my head down and began to pray that She just didn't laugh at me and run out the door. I saw Her foot and I then closed my eyes and really put my head down while bracing myself waiting. I then heard a "uhhhhhhhh" as obviously I startled Her. I thought about saying something like "I submit to You" but didn't have the courage. Instead I braced myself even more and waited for the next thing that would happen which was..nothing. Nothing for quite a bit it seemed like. I just knelt down at the end of my hallway butt ass naked as She stood above me. I thought after awhile Miss Beth was laughing but managed to do it quietly. Or hell, maybe She had passed out from shock and I just didn't noticed. Either way, I wasn't getting response from Her but I did not let that deter me and luckily I didn't:

Miss Beth: "It was the shocking site of my life..and the most wonderful It honestly took my breath away it was so beautiful. Yes, I was startled for a moment but the suprised look on my face turn quickly into the biggest smile ever. Here it was, the most beautiful wonderful man I ever meant and he was just submitting to me completely. With no argument, no discussion. I had beaten him down so badly, he couldn't take it anymore and needed to show his submissiveness before he burst. It reminded me of two things I learn on our last date: that I love him and God did I fucking want him. And he was mine! ALL MINE!! I honestly took a bit of time and relish in my consequences. I had done it. But more importantly, we had done it. We set out to find each other and had done it. I also felt so damn powerful too. Here was this smart, successful, handsome almost to the point of being beautiful loving kind man who is so powerful...and yet is completely submitting his body, mind and life to me. Eventually, I got off the power trip and realized the poor bastard must be freaking out wondering what I think of him fucking naked and kneeling before me in his hallway with no explaination. Poor fellow. Like I said about our previous date, he had suffered enough. I grabbed him by the neck with medium force and placed him gently rested him on my strong right thigh. I then began to rub his hair and neck..."

When I felt Her take my head and place it on Her musuclar thigh, the biggest sense of relief went over me. And exictment. Miss Beth said it best. We had gone looking for each other and this was the moment we realized we had found it. I rested my head against Her thigh and remember Her warm hands rubbing my neck and hair gently...lovingly actually.  We stayed in that position for awhile actually. Eventually, She broke the silence.
Miss Beth: "You okay baby?"
Me: "Yes thank you Maam". (I didn't how I should address Her so Maam seemed the safest bet at that moment. Oh and I got the biggest chill run through me when She called me baby if that was possible of already a night of 1000 chills."
Miss Beth: "I am going to walk you over to the chair in your living room now okay?"
Me: "Yes Maam."
Miss Beth then proceeded to walk me over to my lazy boy chair and we had for the first time something that would become one of the stables of our relationship: A Power Session. She sat down in the chair and I kneeled down with my head in Her lap as She stroke my hair and neck.  I kept my hands down as I wasn't sure yet if I could even touch Her.
 We were in this position for awhile not saying a word. I would though break the silence next by doing something I rarely did up to that point in my life...I began to cry. There were several reasons why but mainly due to being so vulernable to a Woman I truly loved for the first time and also out of pure happiness. She could tell that I was getting embarrased so Miss Beth reassure it was okay to cry in front of Her:

Miss Beth: "There there, just let it all out. It's okay, I know."

My Wife let me cry to until I was finished and then went about what She wanted to do next:

Miss Beth: "I wish to move You down to the floor and lay down so I can tell you a few things, understand?"
Me: "Yes Maam."
Miss Beth: "Good but we need to work on how you shall address me. When in doubt, call me Miss Beth unless I instruct you otherwise."
Me: "Yes Miss Beth."
Miss Beth: "Good and that was also your first lesson. You address me always in the proper fashion. If not, I will have to punish you. Is that clear?"
Me: "Yes Miss Beth I understand."
Miss Beth: "Very well hun. Lay down now as I commanded."

I nodded my head and let Miss Beth guide me down on the carpet and She laid down on top of me as I laid on the bottom:


Miss Beth: "Good Matthew. Now look me in the eye as we speak like you have before".
I nodded my head and did as I was told.

At this point, I am going not to explain everything we talked about because it is very cherrish between us and even though we like to share everything with you, we like to keep what was said to us. But I will say this, Miss Beth told me She loved me during this time. And vice versa obviously. Miss Beth also explain to me that every part of me now from my head down to my feet, belong to Her. I had to repeat it back to Her as She yanked, pulled and slap different parts of my body too and yes of course, my cock. Eventually, Miss Beth then began to kiss me on the lips very passionately and we begin to makeout for a bit as our mouths and tongues get reaccquinated from last week. We did that for awhile before Miss Beth decided She like to change rooms. To the bedroom that is with me on all fours crawling in front of Her. I did as I was told and we made our way to the bedroom. Once there, Miss Beth gave out Her next instructions as She stood by the foot of the bed and me on my knees:

Miss Beth: "I am going to make love to you Matthew until you cannot do it anymore or I wish to retired. Do you want to please me?"
Me: "Yes Miss Beth, I will give it everything I got."
Miss Beth: "Good boy".

And with that, Miss Beth and I had sex for the very first time. It was exactly what I said earlier, like a human hurricane rubbing against your body. And She made love to me. Miss Beth was complete control the entire time. There was also a lot of passion and emotions in it:

Miss Beth: "It was unlike anything I ever experienced. There was so much raw passion and heat between us. I tried to keep it soft and sweet the best I could, like he was a virgin but at times it was almost too uncontrollable. And to be blunt, his package felt good inside me. Really fucking good. And to be be even more blunt, I not only fell in love with Matt but his cock as well. It's size, shape, color, taste etc. To this day, I just love his damn cock that I never want to go out too long without it especially since it belongs to me and not him!  Oh and he was damn good not only with his cock but his lips and tongue as well. I made him eat me out before we had any sex like I have with any guy I ever been with and he was very good at that as well. I also was blown away with his self control. He didn't touch any of my bodyparts without asking first and more importantly, he did a good job of controlling his organisms. I also help him a bit by slowly down if I thought he was going to blow his wad before I was ready but that didn't happen very often."

We went at it for hours but eventually She fuck me so hard, that I passed out. Literally. We were in the middle of going at it for the last time (around 3:30 AM or so) and I just passed out. Right underneath her (that first night, all we did was her on top of me for positions. I felt like I fell asleep for hours but it was only a few moments. Luckily, She was nice to me and only shook me to get me up. She could easily slap the shit out of me for doing that.

Miss Beth: "I still think it was kinda sweet. He tried his damnest to go all night with me and to be honest, that was going to be our last go-around for that night but his body just quit on him. Poor guy. It also turn me on to no end. I fuck him to he passed out. Lucky guy I guess too right!"

Eventually we feel asleep..with me in my arms:

I never slept more peacefully and the next morning we began our first day in a FLR and never have looked back. BTW, that next morning as I made breakfast for us...Miss Beth gave me a list of instructions including to

1. Shave my crotch completely of any hairs. Not even a manscape.
2. That I must clear out at least 2 drawlers in my bedroom for Her stuff.
3. To make sure that my fridge and pantry are stock with healthy food only.
4. To be ready by 6 PM tonight for dinner out (Her choice on what resturant) and go out dancing. She still wanted to dance and I was going to get off that easily, LOL!

And if I didn't complete all those tasks to Her satisfactory, I be punished:


Lucky guy I am. *smiles*  




Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After the movie, a limit is broken....

Over the weekend,  Miss Beth & I watched a movie On-Demand that has a S&M storyline to it called 'After Fall Winter".

It was a interesting movie though we both agreed it didn't truly understand D/S relationships and *spoiler alert* the ending was so ridiciliously dumb. But it is worth a rental if your interested and both Miss Beth and I agreed that the star, French film star Lizzie Brochere who is slowly becoming a star here is insanely hot and is very believeable as a end of life nurse who also secretly is a professional Dominatrix.

What was more interested IMO is what happen to me after the movie. *Spoiler Alert* In an earlier scene, Sophie (Lizzie Brochere's character) is called away from a session to take care of a dying Woman. As She does, Sophie locks Her slave in a cage for the time being.

Why is this significant? Like I stated before, I have some limits and even though it's not a hard limit, I sometimes struggle with being locked in a cage due to be slightly claustrophobic. Miss Beth is aware of this therefore it's not often She locks me in our cage or truly long periods of time. But something click for me in the movie. As I watched it (and for awhile afterwards), I kept thinking about that scene. She locked in a cage and left. Just left the apartment to take care of a dying Woman so who knows when She will be back. But he trusted Her so much that he was fine with it. So a couple nights ago I was looking at Miss Beth as She was sleeping. And I realized that I really do trust Miss Beth with everything including my own life. Therefore Monday Night, I asked Miss Beth if She would locked me in the cage more often and for longer periods of time (assuming of course that would please Her). She was a bit suprised by my request but also happy..

Miss Beth: "Are you sure your okay with that?"
Me: "Yes Miss Beth if it will please You more."
Miss Beth: "It will".

So fast forward to today. I am finishing folding the laundry on the living room couch. I look up and see my Wife holding my collar...and leash. I immediately got my knees without saying a word knowing the routine and got into position.

She took me down the stairs and into our dungeon. I wasn't sure what She had planned but as Miss Beth drag me to the cage, I knew.

Miss Beth: "I'll come down and get you when I am ready". is all She said.

I lost track of time but I had to be done there close to two hours, just locked up in my cage. There was a point I felt a bit anxious but it went away pretty quietly. About the biggest problem was I had to pee for the last 30 minutes or so LOL! Other then that, it was beautiful. And ironically I felt more safe and loved then I did submissive and humiliated. A very odd feeling considering where I was.

I also have pushed my limits in other areas, a few I talked about (Crossdressing and peggings) and one I haven't which I hope to address down the road. And like I said, checkout "After Winter Fall". We love to hear others thoughts on it!